About Us


Technology Solutions for Your Business


At Heigle Technical Services our trained technicians understand the importance of maintaining the health of your business' IT infrastructure. Our no-worry solutions are designed to monitor the performance and security of your network and alert you of trouble before potential threats and system failures occur. Our dedicated, knowledgeable staff are on call to provide support and quickly mitigate any issues to ensure minimal disruption and downtime of your business.


IT Services

We provide support for:


  • Antivirus and network security;
  • Network administration and monitoring;
  • Server backup and recovery;
  • Software installation and support;
  • Workstation operation and maintenance.


Our friendly and dedicated technicians provide on-site, by phone, or remote desktop support and we guarantee a practical, cost-effective solution to meet your needs.



With new hardware and software being released every day it's difficult to decide what products to use and when it's best to update. As part of our proactive services we provide periodic systems reviews of your IT hardware and software to help you identify cost-effective solutions to improve productivity and your bottom line.


Our consulting services include:


  • Disaster recovery and planning;
  • IT architecture review and assessment;
  • Network security and vulnerabilities review.


Contact us today and see how Heigle Technical Services can support your IT needs.